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Financial Consultant

Brewer, Eyeington, Patout, & Co. located in both Bryan, Texas and Navasota, Texas is a premier certified public accounting firm. We provide timely, accurate and understandable financial statements to help drive better business and personal finance decisions.

Financial consultants, or financial advisors as they are sometimes called, bring an expert and outside view to your finances, take a holistic look at your situation and suggest improvements to help you achieve financial goals. Financial consultants also can help you navigate complex financial matters such as federal, state, and local tax preparation, estate planning and paying down debt.

Brewer, Eyeington, Patout, & Co. can also help you with business planning and expenses. As a business owner, you may have limited time to devote to keeping your books in order. We can help by providing bookkeeping and payroll solutions so that you can focus on doing what makes your business successful. Our business advisory team can even help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound.

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Brewer, Eyeington, Patout, & Co., LLP
111 E. 27th St. Bryan, TX 77803
Ph. (979) 268-1350
Fax: (979) 268-1560

217 E. Washington Ave. Navasota, TX 77868
Ph. (936) 825-6507
Fax: (936) 825-6508

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